Vasa Junior Folk Dancers

(performance and practice)

and miscellaneous information

Affiliated with Vasa Order Minnesota District No. 7

established: October 1927

JoAnn Thoreen, Vasa Leader/Instructor
ph.:  612-722-6783
Janice Lehman, Vasa Leader/Instructor
ph.:  612-729-0334
janicelehman57  at  hotmail  dot  com

Typical Performances
The group performs each year at the following events:
* Christmas Program with Santa Lucia procession - 1st Sunday in December, at Holy Trinity Church in south Minneapolis
* Festival of Nations - early May (or late April) in St. Paul
* Midsommar - Normally on 3rd Saturday in June at American Swedish Institute
      (2011: Canceled due to contruction at ASI.  -  2014 & 2025: 2nd Sat. in June.)

* Svenskarnas Dag - 4th Sunday in June at Minnehaha Park.

Throughout the year, the group may be invited to perform at other Vasa programs, church functions, community festivals, and nursing homes.

   In general, practices are held at 1:00 pm on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. From September to May of each year, at the ASI building.

Early May:  Festival of Nations, Time: "right after the Flag ceremony" (Dancers be there by 1:30, promptly!)
Late June:  (fourth Sunday in June): Svenskarnas Dag / Swedish Heritage Day, Minnehaha Falls Park, Time: TBA
Late June:  (_____ Saturday in June): Midsommar / "May Pole" event at ASI. 

NOTE: The further out one reads the schedule, the more likely there will be changes to it.

~June - POSSIBLE (Not yet invited): Bloomington's "Global Celebration: An International Festival!" takes place on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th Saturday in June.

"Festival of Nations" event:
2014 May 1-4
2015 April 30 - May 3

Note that when Easter Sunday is on the day immediately after a scheduled Saturday practice, that practice is usually canceled.
Year Easter Sunday (Western)
2014 April 20  -  We _WILL_ have practice
2015 April 5
2016 March 27

Music CDs:

The music the group uses may purchase a copy of a Compact Disc "Låt Oss Dansa" that has most of the music it uses for performances.
The titles of the music that is on the disc include:
  01 Äppelbo Gånglåt,
  02 Smålandspolska,
  03 Små Fåglarna i Skogen,
  04 Ritsch-ratsch,
  05 Snoose Dance,
  06 Gustafs Skål,
  07 Trekarlspolska,
  08 Tre-tur,
  09 Dansa i en Ring,
  10 Väva Vadmål,
  11 Västgötapolska,
  12 Karusellen,
  13 I Sommarens Soliga Dagar,
  14 Vi Går över Daggstänkta Berg,
  15 Kväsar Valsen   and
  16 Farmers Schottish.
Midsommar 2002

The group also uses two songs that are not on the above CD.
The songs come from a Music CD called "Barnklubben Elso Rix #1: Vasa Order of America Chilren's Club Presents Lucia & Folk Dances".
     (bar-code/UPC number: 8-37101-11901-6 /
  12 Ox Dance (spelling?),
  14 Schottis i turer (16 step) and
  15 Skomakerdans.

Dance-vrs.-Song Correlation (approximate):
March in with #1 "Äppelbo Gånglåt",
Everyone: #2 "Smålandspolska",
Younger: #3 "Små Fåglarna i Skogen", #4 "Ritsch-ratsch" & [#15 "Skogmakerdans" from Barnklubben CD],
    not on CD: "Hopp Mor Annika",
Older: #7 "Trekarlspolska", #6 "Gustafs Skål", #16 "Farmers Schottish",
    less often: #10 "Väva Vadmål",
Summer only, outside with Maypole: #12: "Karusellen",
March out with #5 "Snoose Dance".

Oxdance / pairs of boys: [#12 "___" from Barnklubben CD].

{For FoN: Ritsch-ratsch (younger) then Gustafs Skål (older) in three minutes.}

Note that the words to the song "Sancta Lucia" that we use are different than those that most people know. If anyone can find an MP3 file using these lyrics, please pass along information about where to find it.
  NOTE: This images: /images/PA230348-lyrics to songs_CLIPPED.png, includes notes NOT included in below lyrics (or in this image: /images/PB130409__CLIPPED.png).

     SANKTA LUCIA (new, "standard" version, first verse only):

Natten går tunga fjät
rund gård och stuva;
kring jord, som sol förlät,
skuggorna ruva.
Då i vårt mörka hus,
stiger med tända ljus,
Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia.

     SANCTA LUCIA  (old, "non-standard" version):

Sancta Lucia mörkret betvingar.
Ljuset oss bringar Sancta Lucia.
Sancta Lucia mörkret betvingar.
Ljuset oss bringar Sancta Lucia.

Liksom en stjärna på vinter himlen är
Sancta Lucia, Sancta Lucia.
Tindrande tärna, du hoppet till oss bär,
Sancta Lucia, Sancta Lucia!

Sancta Lucia lyckling du skådar.
Julen bebådar Sancta Lucia.
Sancta Lucia lycklig du skådar
Julen bebådar Sancta Lucia.


När juldagsmorgon glimmar, jag vill till stallen gå,
där Gud i nattens timmar ren vilar uppå strå,
där Gud i nattens timmar ren vilar uppå strå.


Goder afton, goder afton, både herre or fru!
Vi öndska Eder alla en fröjdefull jul!
Goder afton, goder afton, både herre or fru!
Vi öndska Eder alla en fröjdefull jul!


Nu är det jul igen, och nu är det jul igen,
oc julen vara skall till påska.
Det var inte sant, och det var inte sant,
för däremellan kommer fasta.


Hej, tomtegubbar, slå i glasen och låt oss lustiga vara!
Hej, tomtegubbar, slå i glasen och låt oss lustiga vara!
En liten tid vi leva här, med mycket möda och stort besvär.
Hej, tomtegubbar, slå i glasen och låt oss lustiga vara!

JoAnne and Janice have this reference book available to them:

Swedish Folk Dance Instruction Book

   Elaine Lindquist McGrath

Editors and Translators:
   Elizabeth Dahlström-Schumacher
   Stina Johsson Lawyer
   Nina Hallesson Prasso, Ed.D.

Illustrations, Cover Art and Photography:
   Wendy Mattson Grotto

   Barnklubben Elsa Riz Members & Parents

For questions, comments, or purchasing information about this book, Lucia Booklet and CDs, contact:
   Barnklubben Elsa Rix #1 ℅ McGrath
   252 Wellington Road South
   Gardent City S., NY 11530

COVER IMAGE OF: 'Swedish Folk Dance Instruction

Image Directory and Costume Information:
Once a member of the organization, parents will be semi-regularly E-mailed updates to the Image Directory.

Included near the end of that file is contact information for "D.N." from Fairfax, MN. The dancers may use costumes from a specific area of Sweden, or the Blue and Yellow national costume. For those parents who do not wish to sew their own costume, DN has is one resource to investigate; she has already sewn several of the dresses our female dancers use.

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